The archdemon Cameron called "Grandmother"

The Archdemon, previously referred to as "Grandmother" by Cameron, was the main antagonist of the Hood series. It was a prisoner on the "Metal Demon" being transported by the Ancients, when the ship was suddenly attacked, crashing it into the swamp. The Archdemon has the ability to plague the minds of those across different worlds, influencing Cameron. It tricked her into believing it was her grandmother, and so she released it from its prison.

It is widely feared among the Spirit World, even by other demons, and plans on completely destroying the human world. The only way the Wolf can stop it is by releasing the Fiends, unseen entities that will cause chaos in the world. When the Wolf opens the cell door, he finally encounters the archdemon. Cameron defends it, still believing it to be her grandmother, but the Wolf knocks her out before slaying the archdemon for good.

  • The Archdemon
  • Death of an Archdemon
  • Archdemon 3

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