The Caterpillar
Almost nothing in this picture has ever been explained
Gender Male
Race Caterpillar
Faction unknown
Status Deceased
Game Alice is Dead

"I'll be that stupid monacle was fake. He'll get what's coming to him."

-An entry from the Rabbit's journal

The Caterpillar is a minor obstacle appearing in the first Alice is Dead game.

Role in Alice is DeadEdit

Before Alice is DeadEdit

The Caterpillar comes in to play poker with The Rabbit and the Mad Hatter. He apparently cheats, but takes his money anyway, with the Rabbit commenting "He'll get what's coming to him."

Alice is DeadEdit

For an unknown reason, he appears behind a web which can be disintegrated with acid. He is killed by the Rabbit, who takes his monocle, bell, and key.

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