CourSid the alchemist

CourSid the Alchemist

CourSid the Alchemist is a character from the Hood series and a resident of Shadetale.

Role in seriesEdit

Before HoodEdit

Not much is known about CourSid's origins, but because of his similar appearance to Boyen the Shaman, it was suggested that the two were related somehow.

Hood Episode 1Edit

He is approached by the Wolf when he can't get anything useful out of Elem, who is too drunk. CourSid may or may not believe Cameron is a witch, but he helps the Wolf by brewing up a potion that makes Elem sober again, and asks the Wolf not to go hard on Elem since he actually is a decent guy.

Hood Episode 3Edit

When the Wolf returns to town, he beheads Lady Marian Windlethorpe for being a witch. When the Wolf informs CourSid that Cameron spoke the language of Them, he is not surprised and states that anyone can learn the language if they wish, and it's just that few wish to learn out of fear of being accused of witchery. He then reveals that he and Boyen have often done trading together, and are not relatives.

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