"Dr. Raymond Burr was a cowardly man with a big heart, until he lost all his money."

-The Burr bio given at Wonderland Jail

Dr. Raymond Burr is a significant character in the Alice is Dead series. He is hired by The Queen to work on Project Oystercloud .
Dr burr

Dr. Burr long after his death (The Rabbit's pretty sure he didn't do this one)

Role in SeriesEdit

Before Alice is DeadEdit

Dr. Burr arrived with his daughter to work for The Queen on Project Oystercloud. He experimented on cats, but most of them failed. The purpose was to make contact with The Above in order to further advance their own technologies. One cat finally did survive the experiments, but his daughter had found her way into the lab and touched the cat. Dr. Burr witnesses his daughter fusing with the cat and becoming the Cheshire Cat. Dr. Burr refused to work on the project any further, and ends up killed by The Queen.

Alice is Dead 2Edit

A portrait (made up of movile pieces which change the heart, the head and the hands of Dr. Burr) in Wonderland Jail is supposedly of Dr. Burr, but has no human head. There is an audio bit that says "Dr. Raymond Burr was a cowardly man with a big heart, until he lost all his money."

Dr. Burr portrait at jail.

Alice is Dead 3Edit

The Rabbit finds Dr. Burr's body inside the underground laboratory, and a TV has been placed over his head. The Cheshire Cat tells The Rabbit what happened to them through the use of 3 video tapes that are placed around the nightclub.

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