Hood Episode 4 is the fourth and final installment of the Hood series. 


The Wolf arrives in Gorsus, the Spirit World, and is immediately blocked by a spiritual wall with a puzzle. After solving it, the Wolf is confronted by the Elder Shade a second time, once again berating him for his violent nature. Brushing his way past the Elder Shade, the Wolf then encounters the creature that was following him in the cave. He learns that the creature is an Ancient and that he was actually trying to guide the Wolf to Gorsus so he can slay the Archdemon, a powerful demon residing in Gorsus who seeks to use Cameron as a gateway to the mortal realm. The Ancients attempted to transport the Archdemon via the Metal Demon, but were attacked and killed, allowing the Archdemon to roam free. Upon hearing the story and learning the Archdemon can manipulate people into believing it is one of their loved ones, the Wolf realizes that the Archdemon is actually "Grandmother", meaning Cameron's grandmother truly is dead and that the Archdemon has a hold on Cameron. The Wolf also helps the Wild BardSimms, and the Fire Spirit on his way, until he is stumped by a mythical cube puzzle. This is when the demon from Shadetale encounters him yet again, and seems to have grown very attached to Cameron, allowing the Archdemon to enter the mortal realm in order to keep Cameron to himself. The Wolf can either lie and say the demon can have Cameron, or can attack and kill the demon. Either way, it will unlock the cube puzzle. After solving it, the Wolf meets Merappi, whom the Ancients have appointed to guard the Archdemon as well as the Fiends, an equally sinister but more easily collectible entity. After looking into the Wolf's memories, Merappi tells the Wolf he must unlock both doors and that it will present him with two choices...let the Fiends roam free and collect them later in the mortal realm, or let the Archdemon go and burn it down completely. He obviously chooses to let the Fiends free and confronts the Archdemon in its chambers. Cameron briefly defends it, still believing it to be her grandmother, but the Wolf knocks her out before killing the Archdemon for good. As it dies, the Ancients fade away, their mission finally accomplished, and Cameron comes out of the trance the Archdemon had on her, with the Wolf comforting her.


  • Solve the first puzzle (wherever the lines on the diagram pass, open a hole for it on the lines to the left).
  • Talk to the Elder Shade and then collect the Wood.
  • Talk to One of the Dead Race and collect the sapphire locket.
  • Give the flute to the Wild Bard and he will play long enough for the stone mask to fade away.
  • First talk to Simms, then find the cauldron.
  • Place the wood under the cauldron. You will need a fire to get this to work.
  • Either use force to get fire from the Fire Spirit, or give him the sapphire from the locket. Either way will get you fire.
  • Light the wood on fire, then place the amulet in the cauldron. Use the utensil next to the cauldron to make bullets from the melted silver.
  • Give the bullets to silver and when Simms shoots himself, you will pick up the musket he leaves behind
  • Go back to confront the Demon and either lie to him or attack him.
  • Click on the cube and solve the second puzzle (click on the symbols from highest to lowest order, then click the "sun to soil" button all the way on the right.
  • Use the shovel to stop the spikes from falling
  • Talk to Merappi then collect the blue gem(s) in that room.
  • Use the musket to shoot the first lock and the drill to get through the second one
  • Collect the remaining blue gems in this room, then go right
  • Place the six gems in their sockets to unlock both doors
  • Enter the door to the Archdemon
  • Enjoy the ending of the Hood series.


  • Various runes from Shadetale will appear here
  • There is also a picture of Warren, the Wolf's younger brother, among the piles of items
  • Various characters who appeared once before in the series make their second and final appearances in Episode 4:
    • Elder Shade
    • Demon
    • One of the Dead Race