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In Alice is Dead 3 you will be required to find three tapes. The first one can be found either in the laboratory, the nightclub, or right next to the glass belonging to Tweedledee and Tweedledum. The second tape is always found in the dumpster. The third one is always in the possession of Rulio, which he willingly gives to you. After finding them, the Rabbit goes back to the lab to watch them with the Cheshire Cat. The first tape reveals to the Rabbit how Dr. Burr experimented on cats during Project Oystercloud, but they all seemed to fail. The second tape reveals that one of the cats eventually made it to the Above and back, but was touched by his daughter, causing her to become the Cheshire Cat. The third tape is just a dental ad, but frequently shows static with the words "daddy" across it, which seems to be the Cheshire Cat wailing for her father.

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