Vic'eren is a new member of the Elk Guard (who might be klutzy since he forgot his hanfcuffs) and that his father was a diplomat who specialized in dealing with Antars. It is suggested that he had to flee his home country for some reason, but it is never revealed why.

He and the hero are appointed by Captain Whelek to track down the assassin attempting to kill Sir Brandt. They briefly encounter Warren before entering the sewers. After doing trade with the sewer rats Pikker and Kikker, they unlock a door sealed by dark magic. Standing in their way is Butler Sermonde, who demands they shower because they smell of sewer. The protagonists simply handcuffs him and moves past him, warning Whelek that the assassin is already there. She is in the guise of a waitress, and when she makes an attempt on Brandt's life, Vic'eren takes the shot for him. He survives and gets a promotion.

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