Gender Male
Race Fenrirr
Faction Hernessian Guard
Status unknown
Game Kingdom of Liars Episode 1, Kingdom of Liars Episode 2, Kingdom of Liars Episode 3, Kingdom of Liars: Stonepath

Warren is a member of the Elk Guard and one of the protagonists of Kingdom of Liars. He is a Fenrirr like the Wolf from the Hood series. He comes off as rough and aggressive, especially while interrogating the Fithling Scientist (KoL). He has one last encounter with the hero and Vic'eren outside City Hall, where Warren says he will be inside entertaining snooty bigwigs, while he would much rather be in the sewers chasing the assassin.


Warren, interviewing a suspect

In Kingdom of Liars episode 3 a relic has been found and has to be escorted towards the museum in Ashbane. Both the Hernessian Guard and the Steel Fist want to escort the relic. Warren finds himself in an argument with captain of the Steel Fists and is about to lose his short temper. Because Captain Whelek knows Warren is no diplomatic he sends the Unnamed Protagonist to bring both parties at ease.

In Hood 4, while The Wolf is in Gorsus (the Spirit World), he sees a picture of Warren, revealing they are brothers (as well as when he has a conversation with Merappi about their experience in training to be Hunters). He also had three other siblings, but they are all deceased, most likely KIA.

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